Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Common Core Standards and Multicultural Education

Here in California, where I am located, you'll find that multicultural education is an important factor when planning curriculum.

This is true for other states also.

One good link for addressing the Common Core Standards when assigning a country report is at

There is a twist to this project as students not only study the country in this project, but also a poet in the country.

You can assign a country report and add the one or more of the following topics for students to integrate into that report to address the Common Core Standards for the country report assignment.

1. a politican
2. a poet (as in the link)
3. a novelist
4. a muralist (great for Mexico and Latin America)
5. a painter
6. a business
7. a photographer
8. a journalist
9. a teacher
10. a doctor

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