Saturday, October 1, 2022

Critical Thinking Lesson Plan and Assessment Links for a Variety of Subjects and Grade Levels

What could be better for educators and homeschooling parents than a prefessional paper that lists links that you can find reputable links for lesson plans and other resources for critical thinking and critical thinking assessment without pop-up ads. In the paper, the descriptions and links are detailed in a variety of subject areas (Bowers, n.d.). 

For example in the Edsitement website there are thorough lesson plans, teacher's guides and media with a wide assortment of topics from history and language arts to music.

Many other non-profit and governmental agencies provide free available resources such as the aforementioned one, each offering information and links about critical thinking and assessment for grades K-12. 


Bowers, N. (n.d.). Instructional support for the teaching of critical thinking: Looking beyond the red brick walls.